10 years ago we used to sell a LOT of a directory listings and magazine advertisements to small and medium sized pet businesses who wanted to attract new customers. Very often our clients wouldn’t actually have their own website, instead they were hiring us to make their phones ring. And we did. But times have changed. Today 99% of our clients have their own websites and have embraced all that the World Wide Web has to offer for their companies. That’s why we invented PetWordsTM.

What is PetWordsTM

Anchor linked keywords and terms served via Total Pet Publishing’s content network including sponsored contextual advertisements and on page messaging.

OK – and in plain English, what is it?

…a way to make the best use of highly targeted, in-page advertising that combines the best elements of display advertising and search/text link advertising.

When you make an investment in online marketing, to date, these have been the traditional methods:

1. Pay-per-click advertising
2. Online display advertising

While both methods aren’t going away any time soon, it’s fair to say they both have some disadvantages – particularly for those who are trying to stretch their budget as far as it will possibly go.

Let’s look at the major downside to pay-per-click ads.

  • You are constantly engaged in an auction whereby you can be ‘outbid’ by bigger budgets
  • You get no search engine value for your spend (i.e. you get visitors but your own site gets no boost in the search results)
  • Your costs per customer acquisitions are fluid – so if more businesses begin competing for the same keywords that you want, your costs can rise without warning

Online display advertising (the bad bits)

  • Some online display advertising (the very cheap type) can be like setting fire to money – unless you have a MASSIVE budget, most businesses can’t afford to buy advertising impressions in the millions per month
  • You get no search engine benefit from your advertising, so your own site will benefit from clicks but it won’t benefit from being pushed higher in the search engine results pages and lacks longterm gains (like a drug, you have to keep on spending and spending to get results!)
  • Highly targeted online display advertising can be expensive and it can be hard to evaluate effectiveness in terms of knowing exactly when and where your ads are being shown

How is PetWordsTM better?

Simply put, you get the long-term benefits of:

  • Fixed costs, aligned to your specific budget
  • Increased search engine prominence for YOUR site, related to specific keywords that YOU choose
  • Laser targeted traffic related to specific keywords and phrases that you select
  • No auction-style movements meaning you can’t be priced out of marketing for specific keywords
  • Easy to measure, simple to track return on investment

PetWordsTM are keyword linked words and phrases that are prominent throughout our network of more than 300 pet-related websites.

By linking particular keywords and key phrases to your website, your website will benefit from

  1. Increased search engine prominence
  2. Click through traffic
  3. ‘Ownership’ of specific terms, words and phrases relevant to your business

In Action

At Total Pet Publishing we make full use of PetWordsTM to build traffic and search engine prominence for our own websites.

Many of our clients (including the REALLY big ones!) often ask us how we’re able to launch a website and get it to the top of the search engines in a matter of – in some cases – just a few weeks.

The answer – the secret sauce, if you like – is  PetWordsTM.

When we launch a brand new website we’re just like every other business on the planet. We want to push it as high up the search engine rankings for our chosen keywords as we possibly can, we want to build awareness and we want to get traffic…targeted traffic. Oh, and ideally we want to do it all within an affordable budget that will provide us with an attractive return on investment. In the words of that song made famous by Queen…we want it all and we want it now!

However, unlike every other business on the planet, we have the (unfair) advantage of being able to leverage our own  PetWordsTM system to give us a huge, accelerated boost to help us achieve our goals in a fraction of the time (and expense) that other businesses encounter.

An example:

  • We launch a new website about dog allergies.
  • Our research shows us that there are 49,500 searches per month
  • The average CPC (cost-per-click) rate is £2.38 (so £238 for every 100 visitors clicking on our ad)
  • 27 other businesses are bidding on this search term

Results from using PetWordsTM

  • Achieved no 1 organic/natural position in Google within 6 weeks of site launch
  • Built substantial streams of traffic to our new site from people interested in the topic
  • Benefited from significant search engine traffic at a price far, far below £2.38 per click
  • Achieved a ‘market leading’ position for a highly desirable search term in under 2 months

How does it work?

Using our content network of more than 300 pet-related websites and more than 2m search-engine indexed pages in conjunction with our associated social media accounts on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc along with a few top secret tweaks and techniques, we linked the phrase ‘dog allergies’ and a smattering of related search terms to our new website.

That’s it.

Simple. Effective. Affordable. Results orientated and all at a fraction of the cost of pay-per-click advertising.

Results achieved using PetWords: generated more than 30k back-links


  1. Select one of our packages (below)
  2. Tell us what keyphrase(s)/search term(s) you’d like to own (or have us research it for you based on your suggestions)
  3. Sit back and let us go to work for you. We will send you your first RankMover report within 3 business days of processing your order and then regular updates on your site’s progress

Pricing & Guarantee

Before you place your order we’d like to extend a simple, honest guarantee to help you in your decision.
1. You can cancel your package with ONE click of a mouse at ANY time.
2. If you are not satisfied with the service, let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

We are so confident our results will impress you, we’ll take ALL of the risk, you take NONE.

PetWordsTM Starter


*per month

  • 100 unique links
    Links placed on 10 sites
  • 10 unique sites
    Established pet websites
  • RankMover Report
    Track your results
  • Social networks
    10 postings
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PetWordsTM Professional


*per month

  • 1000 unique links
    Links placed on 30 sites
  • 30 unique sites
    Established pet websites
  • RankMover Report
    Track your results
  • Social networks
    30 postings
  • Order Now

PetWordsTM Premium


*per month

  • 3000 unique links
    Links placed on 50 sites
  • 50 unique sites
    Established pet websites
  • RankMover Report
    Track your results
  • Social networks
    100 postings
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