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At Total Pet Publishing we consider branded content to be content/articles that have already achieved significant search engine positions for terms/keywords that are popular and relevant, enabling commercial brands to insert their own message within the content and increase the level of engagement with their target audience.

Examples of  Branded Content in Action

The best way to evaluate the performance of branded content would be to plot the search journey of a desirable customer for your particular business. In this example, we’ll track the path of a consumer’s (“Mary”) progress through researching the acquisition of a pet to seeking advice and information on various issues relating to their new pet’s care needs throughout the various stages of their life.

Step 1 – Mary is looking for a new dog. She’s currently deciding between whether to adopt a dog or to buy a pedigree pup from a breeder.

How Total Pet Publishing engages: If Mary was to search for ‘pedigree dog breeders’ she would find one of our websites located at the top of Google (link).

How Branded Content Could Assist Mary:  When Mary lands on the website, she might choose to read an article about various breeds and advice on the pros and cons of buying a pedigree dog. She might also be interested to learn more about the benefits of insuring her new dog as well as the training requirements for the dog/breed she is considering.

How Brands Benefit: Dog breeders, pet insurance companies and even dog trainers can make an instantly positive impression on Mary by providing information to her that she finds valuable. A piece of branded content at this stage of Mary’s journey would be very influential and could lead Mary to want to make contact with the person/business mentioned in the content.

Step 2: Mary has decided she’d like to look for a dog from a rescue shelter. She Google’s ‘dogs for adoption‘ which brings her to (our website, located at the top of the search engines). Once at the site, Mary browses the various dogs seeking new homes and she falls deeply in love with a young Labrador located at a shelter in her area.

Step 3: Mary is delighted with her new dog. The only thing that’s causing her worry is that her new pet is howling and chewing things when she goes out. Mary is keen to seek out advice on how to cure separation anxiety in dogs, so she searches online ‘separation anxiety in dogs’.

The above result is a site owned by Total Pet Publishing, ranking no 1 in Google for a search term that receives 6,600 searches per month (79,200 searches per year).

Branded Content Engagement: Mary will read the article and, again, any brand(s) mentioned would be given priority in Mary’s thoughts. A dog training professional would be able to make a positive impression on Mary (along with more than 70,000 other dog owners in a similar position to Mary throughout the year).

Step 3: Having successfully solved her dog’s separation anxiety problem, Mary is keen to ensure her pet is receiving the very best nutrition. She (along with 172,000 other dog owners) goes online to research ‘dog food reviews’ whereupon she may find herself browsing through the pages of Total Pet Publishing’s website:

Branded Content Engagement: It requires little imagination to spot the opportunity that exists to make a positive impression on Mary at this point in her journey as she’s actively seeking out detailed information about which food might be best suited to her dog. Again, the branded content opportunity affords businesses the platform to inform Mary about the various benefits of their particular products and services at a time when Mary’s attention is high. Compare this with running a 30 second spot in the commercial break between a popular TV show and it’s plain to see why influence is enhanced via branded content targeted to a highly relevant consumer.

Step 4: Mary, as a first time dog owner, is getting to grips with the new found responsibilities that dog ownership brings. No longer can she just decide to drop everything and go on a holiday. She might decide she needs to find a pet care service such as a boarding kennel or even hire a pet sitter. Total Pet Publishing has web properties that will help Mary in the shape of or – but what about if Mary decides she simply can’t be apart from her canine friend? Again, we’ve got that covered too in the form of – whatever Mary chooses, we have brands that she can engage with, along with businesses who operate in those sectors.

Step 5: As Mary’s dog gets older she will invariably find herself seeking information and advice on the health and care issues that go hand in hand with the ageing process. Mary may find herself seeking tips on dog joint care, feeding an older dog, canine cancer or any number of the tens of thousands of topics that Total Pet Publishing has established, carrying trusted content for the benefit of millions of pet owners each year.

As Mary’s journey demonstrates, the ability to place your brand message and integrate it in to the fabric of an established piece of content represents a huge opportunity to become part of the conversation, to ‘own’ a specific message that is being absorbed (and actively sought) by a laser targeted, actively engaged audience.

How Branded Content Compares to Pay Per Click Advertising

Let’s do a quick run through of the return on investment for branded content versus traditional pay per click (PPC) advertising.

First we should establish some baseline data before we go on to the direct head-to-head comparison.

As large as Google’s revenues are, more searchers click on the free / organic search results than the paid ads.
~ (Source:

According to a data provided by Cornell University, the following metrics are true:

– The top paid for result on a search engine page will receive between 2-3% of all available traffic
– The top organic/natural listing on the search page will receive 56.3% of all available traffic
– The web page ranked 10th in the organic/natural listing position will receive 2.55% of all traffic

What this means: If a particular search term/keyword receives 1,000 searches per month, the top bidding advertiser will receive roughly 25 visitors and the top organic/naturally listed result (not paid for) will receive 563 visitors. In fact, even the web page ranked in 10th place in the natural listings will receive the same amount of traffic as the top paying advertiser!

How This Translates to Your Marketing Spend

If you are running an advertising campaign, paying for clicks from anyone who types in the phrase ‘dog insurance’ in to the search engines- according to search intelligence data, the top paid-for position (pay-per-click ad) would currently cost you $11.98 per click and there are 9,900 searches per month (in the UK) for that exact term.

Given the data previously supplied, as the top paying advertiser you could realistically expect between 2% and 3% of all the traffic (3% of 9,900 searches = 297 visitors).

297 visitors @ $11.98 per click = $3,558.06 monthly spend on paid-for adverts.

Currently the site ranked no 1 in Google for the search term ‘dog insurance’ can expect to receive 56.3% of those 9,900 monthly searches to result in a visit to their site. This represents 5,573 visitors per month at a per visitor cost of $0.00/NIL.

Given this data, if we were to use a branded content strategy which allowed us to place our commercial message, link to our website etc on the web page of the no 1 organic/naturally listed search engine result we would not only be able to realistically expect more traffic/awareness/influence – provided the cost was less than $3,558.06 per month, we would be making a significant saving on our monthly marketing spend.

Summary: If you believe there are specific search terms that are highly relevant to your business, using a branded content strategy – whereby you are able to leverage an already established search engine position from one of our websites – you could realistically expect to make savings as high as 333% on what you might be expected to pay through pay-per-click methods.

The Benefits of Purchasing Branded Content

  • Increased level of customer engagement
  • Higher trust value
  • Ability to deliver wider awareness on specific topics
  • Perfect match between message and audience
  • No risk investment (search positions and audience already established)
  • Massive savings on ROI v pay-per-click advertising

Try Our Branded Content Service (Risk Free)

Total Pet Publishing has over 2 million pages indexed in the search engines (in other words, too many to mention by name here). No matter what sector of the pet industry your business operates in, we can guarantee we have some well established content currently receiving traffic from a highly targeted audience.

From as little as 0.98 per day, you could insert your message/expertise/web-link in to our content and co-brand our content for the benefit of your business.

Written Guarantee: We are a results / performance orientated publisher. If you purchase branded content from us our promise to you is this –

“If, after 12 months, your branded content campaign has not produced the results you expected of it (you choose the criteria, not us!), simply let us know and we will give you your money back.”

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