Our Pet Education Campaigns Really Work

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They say pictures speak more than a thousand words, so how about this one: The graph above is the ranking results achieved for one of our clients. Explained: On the 14th of August (prior their participation as exclusive partner of one of our Pet Education Awareness campaigns) their website was positioned at number 18 in […]

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K9 Magazine Warns on Dog Food Portion Sizes

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K9 Magazine, a leading lifestyle publication for dog lovers, has produced a guide for dog owners who may be unwittingly shortening the life expectancy of their beloved pets through a lack of portion control when feeding. Animal experts such as the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and TV trainer Victoria Stilwell have all commented on the […]

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Can Food Teach Old Dogs New Tricks?

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More than 6 in 10 dog owners are unaware of the link between dog behaviour and diet according to a new survey from the publisher of K9 Magazine. The study, which polled more than 1,000 owners, revealed more than half of all dog owners tended to keep their dog on the same diet, both in […]

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Easter Could Kill Your Dog Warns K9 Magazine

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K9 Magazine, the digital publication for modern dog lovers, is echoing the warnings from the Dog's Trust, Britain's leading dog charity, in calling for all dog owners to be on their guard against chocolate poisoning in dogs over the Easter period. Most dog owners are now aware that chocolate has the capacity to seriously harm […]

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Moving Abroad With Dogs? K9 Magazine Advises

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K9 Magazine, a digital lifestyle magazine for modern dog lovers, has stepped up to help meet the increasing demand from its readers who are interested in moving abroad with dogs. Editor and publisher Ryan O'Meara explains: "Over the past 5 years we have seen a real rise in the number of readers who have asked […]

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K9 Magazine Examines Canine Potential

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Are Britain's dogs reaching their full potential? That's the question poised by editors at K9 Magazine, the modern lifestyle magazine for dog lovers. The magazine polled 1,000 dog owners and learned that as many as 1 in 3 dog owners could make some very small adjustments to their dog's lifestyles and gain incrementally positive results […]

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2012 Pet Education Drives

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Total Pet Publishing, has announced its 2012 pet owner awareness campaigns covering everything from pet fitness to how to save money on pet ownership costs. Total Pet Publishing engages with pet owners on every step of their ownership journey – from acquisition to end. With more than 300 pet related digital media brands, the firm […]

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Re-Brand for K9 Media as Total Pet Publishing

Posted on March 5, 2011 by admin No Comments

London / March 3, 2011 — K9 Media Ltd, a leading pet publishing company, has announced it is to re-brand as Total Pet Publishing. The move comes as the firm makes further in roads in to international markets and as the publishing division incorporates more brands in the general pet sector rather than just dog. […]

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Marketing Your Pet Business

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Marketing your pet business shouldn’t be left to chance or done off the cuff. From sales letters to full-blown product placement campaigns, luck plays no part in the success of a well-planned, well-executed strategic marketing operation. Get your marketing campaigns right and you are assured of the two most important things that all businesses crave: […]

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New Launch: Hypo-allergenic Dog Food

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Total Pet Publishing is delighted to announce the launch of a new website from canine nutrition division. Hypo-allergenic dog food is our first move in to the area of information and advice provision catering for specialist diets for dogs. The site is an independent, free to use resource for people searching for advice and information […]

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