Re-Brand for K9 Media as Total Pet Publishing

London / March 3, 2011 — K9 Media Ltd, a leading pet publishing company, has announced it is to re-brand as Total Pet Publishing.

The move comes as the firm makes further in roads in to international markets and as the publishing division incorporates more brands in the general pet sector rather than just dog.

K9 Media's Kim O'Meara on the move:

"As we find the company performing more work for international clients, we have felt for some time that there is a strong need for us to clearly communicate the fact that we publish in all areas of the pet sector, not just canine.

Our experience has shown us that there is a growing demand in many international markets for information about pets and pet care and whilst K9 Media Ltd will always remain our company name, it made complete business sense to provide clients with a more all encompassing brand that better fits with the profile of our business in 2011. Ultimately, we're not just about dogs any more!"

Total Pet Publishing operates more than 300 individual titles aimed at pet owners, from the well known dog publications such as K9 Magazine, major pet services directories such as to more specialist brands such as Hypo-allergenic Dog Food and even sites dedicated to topics as highly defined as Cushings Disease in Dogs

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