Total Dog Magazine

Title: Total Dog Magazine
Audience: 30,000+ web-savvy, British dog owners
Aim: Promote nutritional advice and benefits of client’s dog food product
Frequency: Per quarter
Format: Digital, interactive – contains video/editorial mix


Total Dog Magazine is a title for informed dog owners who care about health, diet, behaviour and the general improvement of their canine friends.

The magazine is delivered direct to the subscriber’s email in-box and all interactive and editorial elements are tracked to optimise for performance on behalf of the magazine’s sponsor.


Total Dog Magazine is part of our contract publishing division.

How would you like to have your very own, company-branded edition of Total Dog Magazine?


We produce editorial content, developed to compliment your brand(s).

e.g. If your primary product line is pet health orientated, we  produce content to reflect this.

You can supply your own editorial to be slotted in to your edition of Total Dog Magazine.

We design and produce the publication.

The biggest advantage to offering a digital magazine is the greater engagement and brand loyalty that can be derived from giving your customers and prospects an independently produced title (for free) which goes much, much further beyond the standard offerings of product newsletters, flyers, brochures and other more traditional marketing collateral.

Production and delivery costs are much lower than print.

Tracking and testing can be done in real time, allowing you to improve and enhance your marketing copy – something that is virtually impossible to replicate with printed marketing materials.

Providing customers with a genuinely interesting, well produced magazine – rather than standard, corporate marketing mailers – not only improves the relationship between you and your customer/prospect, it can also allow for a far more involved experience for the reader. Driving awareness and genuinely educating customers and prospects to the benefits of your brand(s) is better achieved through intelligent, well produced digital media – which combines the three most successful elements of any marketing campaign:

1) Editorial
2) Audio
3) Video

All in the same publication – words, sounds and moving pictures.

It is the perfect marketing mix.

We can produce your very own co-branded edition of Total Dog Magazine from prices starting at just £1,500.

Take a look at Total Dog Magazine (click the link below) and try to picture your own edition, integrated with our professionally produced editorial and design.

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