Pet Friendly Magazine

Title: Pet Friendly Magazine
Audience: 50,000 general interest pet owners
Aim: To provide a high quality, locally available pet magazine
Frequency: Per quarter
Format: Glossy print and digital/interactive

Pet Friendly Magazine is a general interest publication for pet lovers. The title combines educational and entertaining editorial on dogs, cats, small pets and exotics. It is distributed nationally in the United Kingdom.

Pet Friendly Magazine was launched in May of 2006.

The publication was initially distributed exclusively via Sainsbury’s supermarkets, nationwide.

Having successfully tested the format, editorial direction and reader response, the magazine moved to distribution via other supermarkets where it is prominently displayed at front of store locations.

The level of reader take up reached 100% (for all copies distributed, every single one was picked up to be read).

By the very definition of the magazine being clearly marked as a pet owner’s publication, all readers who pick up a copy are interested in pets, as a result response rates to advertising are exceptionally high.


Run your own, local edition of Pet Friendly Magazine.

Now, for the first time, we are making one of our successful pet magazines available via franchise.

If you would like to operate your very own edition, locally, now you can.

Franchise territories are currently available in the following localities:

Pet Friendly Greater London
Pet Friendly Surrey
Pet Friendly Middlesex
Pet Friendly Kent
Pet Friendly Glasgow
Pet Friendly Nottinghamshire
Pet Friendly Derbyshire
Pet Friendly Yorkshire
Pet Friendly Oxfordshire
Pet Friendly Edinburgh
Pet Friendly Birmingham
Pet Friendly Manchester
Pet Friendly Cheshire
Pet Friendly Cumbria

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